New cars and used cars lined up in a row

Buying a car: are you team new car or used car?

If you’re in the market for a new (to you) car, then weighing up between a brand-new vehicle or a used car can be a difficult decision. We’ve chewed over the pros and cons for each vehicle option, to help you decide which might best suit your lifestyle.

A car loan from Blue Sky Finance will cover the cost for a new car or a used car purchase, and regardless of which you decide, our friendly team will strive to get you into your vehicle of choice as soon as possible. We aim to get your finance approved within 2 hours, and highly recommend that you organise this before actively starting the car buying process. This will give you a clear indication of what you can afford.

New Cars

A brand-new car always looks shiny and attractive, but that of course comes with a price tag to match. If you are looking at purchasing a new vehicle there’s no denying the upfront cost will be far higher compared to an older car. That cost, however, comes with the peace of mind that you’re purchasing a reliable machine, fitted with the most up-to-date safety features on the market. You also remove the risk of shock costs post purchase (like new tyres or battery. While the upfront cost is a high one, your warranty protects you should there be any issues.

With new car technologies developing all the time, the purchase of a new vehicle means you’re more likely to be buying a car that’s friendlier to the environment. With the rise in popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles you’ll find one far easier in the new car market, with EVs still a few years away from populating the used car market. You may find yourself getting a financial reward for doing this, due to the government’s clean car rebate scheme.

New cars do rapidly depreciate, and this should be taken into consideration as part of your car buying process.

  • Safe and sound – top notch safety features.
  • More environmentally friendly options, including EVs and hybrids.
  • Possibility to qualify for the government’s clean car rebate, saving you some dollars.
  • The latest and most current tech features.
  • No questionable ownership history issues or unfavourable repairs.
  • Depreciates in value quickly.
  • Up front cost is much higher.
  • Additional features, such as parking sensors, are often further upfront costs.

Used Cars

There is a booming used car market in New Zealand. This has typically been driven by Kiwis matching a vehicle purchase to lifestyle budgets. As practical people, buying a car that depreciates quickly doesn’t often sit right. It is important to remember however that while the upfront costs of a used car will be far lower, you could find yourself forking out high rates for issues that crop up once the keys are in your hands.

Used cars will often come included with the customisation that costs big bucks to add on to a new car sale. Parking sensors, AC and satellite navigation all push up the price of a new car. You’ll be able to pick up a used car with many of these features already fitted with little effect to the overall cost.

It should be highlighted that in today’s environmentally conscious world, a used car, especially one that’s considerably older, isn’t going to be as kind to the planet as a newer car. As we strive to make greener choices, this may be something you wish to take into consideration for your next car purchase.

  • Save money up front.
  • Your vehicle will depreciate far less rapidly.
  • Vehicle improvements over the years make them far more reliable for longer.
  • Avoid hidden fees added on by dealerships.
  • Not as environmentally friendly.
  • There could be environmental fee penalties due to the clean car rebate scheme, if the emissions are too high.
  • More health checks required – which could cost you more.
  • Potential to have money owing against it.


Have we helped you make your decision between buying a new car or buying a used car?

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