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How to achieve financial security in 2022

Here at Blue Sky Finance, we pride ourselves on being real with you, our customers. We take a real approach to our business, putting you first as we organise brokerage with our leading lenders, to tailor the very best deal for each individual circumstance.

So, in the attempt of being helpful and with it being the beginning of the year and all that, we thought we’d throw our hat in the ring with some tips for our customers on how to nail financial security in 2022. Giving financial assistance is our speciality after all! In that vein, we’ve gathered the team members at Blue Sky Finance to offer up their top tips to help achieve financial security in 2022.

  1. Make a financial budget.
    Whether it’s a DIY Excel job, or a downloadable Internet template—knowledge is power when it comes to your finances. Document everything that comes in each month, and goes out. If you know where your money is going you’ll then be far better equipped to make wider spending decisions. You never know, you may find some room in the pot for that new car…

  2. Download a daily spend app.
    A quick Google search gives you plenty of app options to help with your 2022 quest for financial security. Keeping your finances regularly front of mind will make sure you prioritise your money goals throughout the year. Apps available in New Zealand that we would recommend taking a look at are:
    PocketSmith (New Zealand made)
    Good Budget

  3. Need to save? Think small.
    Rather than concentrating on a large, overwhelming target, find small ways to shave money off your weekly spend. Perhaps it’s car pooling to work with a friend (also great for the environment) to save on petrol costs, cutting down on takeaway food or coffee, or preparing your own lunch to take to work, rather than buying it out. Little things will add up, and you’ll be soon on your way towards that much larger target you originally had in mind.

  4. The 48-72 hour window.
    If your postie calls you by your first name, it may be because they’re making regular stops at your house, with an online delivery… or five. If this sounds like you, and you’re thinking of how to budget in 2022, then perhaps adopting the 48-72 hour window may help. If you see something, and think ‘I’m going to buy that’. Stop. Write it down, and revisit it within two-to-three days. Can’t stop thinking about it? Love it? Need it? Go for it. If you don’t feel that way, step away from the phone/laptop. You’ll be surprised how much of what you’re shopping for is an impulse buy, over a necessity.

  5. Have a chat!
    Financial support is there to help you when you need it, whether it’s a professional, your partner or a trusted friend. Having conversations out loud can stop expense worries circulating internally, and help when seeking a clearer path to financial independence. Do make sure you reach out to someone, and don’t be worried about asking for support—it’s there for you in many forms.

Talking of support, if we can be there for you, and your financial goals in 2022, we are here to chat. Do give us a call on 0800 258 375 or reach out via our website. You got this!