An SUV overlooking a valley. Find out the best SUVs in New Zealand.

We explore a Kiwi favourite — The SUV

Turns out, us Kiwis are big fans of the trusty SUV. In a recent blog post, we discussed the top 20 best-selling cars in 2022-to-date. While the rise in demand for electric vehicles is reflected in the list, the car continuing to rise in popularity is the SUV. Just a short drive anywhere in the country highlights the SUV’s firm position as a Kiwi favourite and that we tend to gravitate towards an SUV over other car options. Can SUVs suit all lifestyles? We certainly think so. We’ve researched the best-selling SUVs currently in market to discover what options are out there for all aspects of modern Kiwi life. Which one do you think works for you?

The Family

SUVs are known for having plenty of space, and for those with families, space is a non-negotiable when purchasing a new vehicle. The number one best-selling car of the year, The Mitsubishi Outlander, is a fantastic option for those with a growing brood. As a seven-seater, it gives you maximum space inside, while not taking up too much room in your garage. There’s plenty of space to pack all the family in, and all their things, from sports kit to luggage. The smooth drive will perhaps allow for those in the back seats to have a snooze on longer trips, meaning even more peace and quiet for those up front.

City Dwellers

Are SUVs really that practical for city living? It’s a resounding “yes”. Let us introduce you to the compact SUV. A compact SUV gives you all the benefits of the larger SUV models (storage, performance, and off-road capabilities), at a fraction of the cost. The latest MG ZS gives you all these benefits, combining the practicalities found in SUVs with style and agility for city living. There’s comfort aplenty in the MG ZS, bags of room for those longer road trips, while offering a smooth drive as you zip about.

Eco Conscious

An SUV looks like the perfect car for you and your family—you need the space, comfort, and practicalities that it offers, but what about its impact on the environment? Kiwis are more and more conscious of their own carbon footprint and are actively searching for greener options across all areas of their lives. Vehicles play a huge part in this (The Tesla Model 3 is currently the 2nd best-selling car in NZ), so what options are there in the SUV market? This is where the new Hybrid Havel H6 steps in. With less reliance on fuel, a hybrid gives you the comfort of knowing you’re leaving less of a footprint on the planet, while still giving fantastic performance output. With the Hybrid Havel H6 you can still enjoy smooth and responsive journeys while intelligently saving on fuel.


If you’re looking for a practical car that makes a stylish statement—look no further than the original luxury SUV—the Range Rover. Combining comfort and composure with all the typical SUV capabilities, their latest model has been touted as the most desirable yet. The first New Zealand customers are expected to take deliveries of the new Range Rover mid-2022 with plug-in hybrid versions planned to arrive later in 2022, and a pure-electric Range Rover heading to our shores in 2024.


We’ve put many a Blue Sky Finance customer into an SUV, so if you are currently in the market for one please do get in touch with our team. We’d love to be a part of your journey. We work for you to get the very best rate possible and aim to get back to you with finance approvals within two hours. Which SUV is on your wish list?