A car travelling down a country road at sunset

Ready for some new wheels? Read on...

Buying a car in 2022? The process might not look as linear as it once did. Between the cost of living, manufacturing shortages, the climate crisis, and the rise in electric and hybrid vehicle options, there’s never been so much to consider.

Changes are a foot. This month saw the government announce their 2022 budget and what that means for the car and transport industry. It’s not a secret that lowering our emissions is of the upmost importance in our response to the climate crisis, and transport is a main player when it comes to reducing New Zealand’s emissions. Moving forward, environmental impact should be a part of your criteria when buying a new car. Here are some other factors to consider.

1. How long do you typically keep your car for?

If you tend to keep a vehicle for 4+ years, it might be worth considering what potential penalties might be introduced down the line for cars with high emissions. With the development of electric infrastructure throughout New Zealand, plus more EV and hybrid options available from leading car manufacturers, an EV or hybrid model offers you a sustainable alternative, reducing your own carbon footprint.

2. What are you happy to pay?

Vehicle costs continue to rise as we battle a cost-of-living crisis. Be realistic in what you can afford when you’re buying a car. We recommend securing your finance options before you start shopping. This will give you budget parameters to work to and helps keep you focused at the car yard. We can help with that.

3. When should you buy?

If buying a car through a dealership is in your immediate future, one of the best months to buy a car is coming up—June! This is due to dealers wanting to move stock and maximise sales. It can often be the time when salespeople are more flexible with discounts and freebies. If possible, try to visit the dealership at a quiet time—think Mondays and Tuesdays when there is less demand there is more desire to move cars. Other good months to purchase a car are March, September and December.

4. There might be a queue.

The pandemic slowed manufacturing down, resulting in a global shortage. You might need to wait a while until the keys to your new car are in your hand. If you’re purchasing a new car, be prepared to wait a few months until it’s actually yours. Shop around early if you know when you ideally want to be in your new car and use those additional months to ensure your finances are in place.


There’s no better feeling than helping our customers get ahead of the game in the car buying process and playing our part in securing them the car of their dreams. Our team are on hand to help you every step of the way. You can get the ball rolling by applying for your car finance before you start shopping. Give our team a call on 0800 258 375 or apply here.