Buying a new car in New Zealand

Top 5 questions to ask before buying a new car in New Zealand

So you've looked at the pros and cons of buying a new car versus a used car, and you've settled yourself firmly in Team New. That's great! Now it's time to think about just what you should buy, and all the questions you should ask before buying.

We've got you covered with the top five questions you should ask before buying that new car.

1. What do I need and want from a new car?

For most of us, it can be tricky to balance needs and wants when thinking about a new car. If you're the kind of person who likes to make lists, you're in luck! Write down your wants in one list, your needs in another, then come back and review them later. It'll help you look at things objectively.

And don't just think about what your needs are now. If you're planning on keeping the car for awhile, you'll want to make sure it's good for Future You, too.

2. What's my new car budget, and how can I finance it?

The answer to this will probably help you refine the answer to question #1. It's important to be realistic here: a new car isn't much fun if you're only left with enough for a two-minute noodles lifestyle.

We can help you find the right kind of car loan, with repayments you can afford. Talk to us about financing your new car.

3. Have I done the right research?

Person thinking of buying a new car

Maybe you've gazed longingly at #cargoals on Instagram. Maybe you've browsed the car yards. Maybe you've looked at that car in the supermarket carpark and thought, "Yeah, I'd look good in that".

This is all great. But a car is a big purchase. Think about whether the car you want is really the car you want.

  • Read reviews online.
  • Compare models side-by-side.
  • Take test drives.

It's also really important to know what your ongoing costs will be.

  • Is this the kind of car that will need a lot of maintenance?
  • Are parts easy to come by?
  • Can local mechanics service it?
  • What's its fuel economy? (Remember, you can learn how to lower your fuel costs.)
  • What will I be paying in insurance?

Knowing all this will help you make a better purchase, and give you greater peace of mind.

4. Does it have good resale value?

You're buying a new car, and you're already thinking about selling it? Whaaaat?

It's a sensible thing to consider. Most of the time, it's unlikely you'll keep a car for life, and when you come to sell, you'll want a good deal.

Some factors you can't predict. But if question #3 threw up any red flags you were okay about setting aside, consider whether those red flags might be a problem for others.

And sadly, new cars do depreciate fast. If you're likely to resell in the near future, it might not be your best bet.

5. Do I really want a new car?

We started this off saying you'd made your decision, and now we're back to suggesting you rethink it!?

But when you've gone through this process, you might start to think a used car is more your speed. And that's okay. Plus, you might find something that's not so "used". After all, this year's new car is next year's older model.

Need finance to buy a new car?

No matter what you're in the market for, we're here to help. Give us a call on 0800 258 375, flick us an email, or start your loan application online now.

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